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Client Testimonials

During a due-diligence done at a company I was in the process to sell we discovered that there were 3 periods of VAT not submitted in 2009 and 2010. This unfortunate situated were a factor that could compromised the transaction, as Barnard Incorporated acted as my contract attorneys the VAT issue were given to Gerhard that specialize in Tax matters, from Tax DC. All my business related and tax related matters were resolved effectively. For a holistic all in one…

After trying to resolve a matter for many years with SARS which to this day I still believe I should not have had to pay anything back and having exhausted all my options to finalise this matter on my own with SARS - I had “hit a brick wall”. SARS finally said I need to complete a letter of compromise which will then be heard at their committee meeting. I completed this extremely lengthy form to the very best of…

I found Gerhard Linde via internet. Basically, I was looking for someone specializing in tax affairs who could take SARS on behalf of my company because I felt my company was somehow prejudiced by the attitude of SARS. When I met Gerhard, I was already 3 years in a long and costly battle with SARS whereas the combined actions of my tax practitioners, tax advisors and auditors did not bring any result. But thanks to their holistic approach, their competency…

Thank you so much Gerhard Linde for assisting me when I needed help the most. You were so professional. Words can never explain my gratitude. I would most definitely recommend him to anyone who may be in need of tax assistance anytime.

Getting a call from the taxman (or very pragmatic woman in this instance) telling you that you owe millions is no joke. Especially when the financial aspect of your company is entirely managed by an appointee you thought capable, who had been continuously reporting positive cash flow and up to date compliance. So finding someone to help me was done in a state of panic and complete embarrassment about my own gullibility. I found Gerhard Linde. He was trained by…

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SARS Negotiations

No longer stress about dealing with SARS ever again. Move all your SARS dealings into the hands of our expert team so you can focus on your core business.

100% Success

You know we try to get you the best results possible because we have a 100% success rate; as in none of the clients who have put their trust in us, have lost anything by owing tax.

Approach SARS

Understand the best way of approaching SARS, and how to get a win-win solution; an affordable option for your business, and a payment plan that SARS is agreeable with.

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  • We have a 100% success rate; none of our clients have faced loss of any type.
  • We have many years in the industry, and are tax experts.
  • We work to understand you as well as your business needs, in order to provide the best solution for you.
  • We have all the experts on our team, and we work together for the best solution for you.
  • We save you time because you won't need to deal with the problem yourself.

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The biggest benefit you get when you allow us to help you, is a feeling of great relief. You are not alone; we are experts and we are on your side. Our business is to fight for what's best for you, because our reputation depends on it.

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