Tax Debt Compliance offers legal expertise for the advanced tax matters of your business

Do you need a tax partner capable to navigate the long haul across a wide array of tax technical territory?

What tax legal expertise do we offer for business?

We offer legal expertise for dealing with complex tax scenarios. We have an astute team of tax attorneys, tax practitioners and chartered accountants with an in-depth understanding of the nuances of tax law. We offer taxpayers peace of mind through expert advice on a wide range of concerns while promising a high level of service excellence and accountability. All legal engagements are protected by full legal professional privilege. This provides a safe and constructive environment to assess risk and provide advice on tax compliance and the corresponding tax implications.

How do we engage with your business?

Our unique approach to engagements and willingness to challenge SARS on opinions has led to favourable outcomes for taxpayers, even in the most complex of matters. This legal team has proudly represented clients in tax court, boasting a 100% win ratio, with the highest confirmed reduction being a R3.5 billion additional tax assessment which was settled for just R2 million.

With a rich set of skills and experience originating in Big 4 corporations, we can resolve SARS matters faster, while employing a strategy that ensures a positive outcome, almost always before Tax Court.

How can we help your business?

The legal team offers a turnkey approach to tax services not found in standard practices and is well-versed in VAT and customs (including legal settlement of SARS disputes); obtaining refunds and reversal of SARS rulings; statutory compliance with tax obligations; establishing

employee share schemes and o  shore trusts; drafting commercial agreements; taxation of cross border transactions; tax treatment of fringe benefits; internal payroll audits and submitting Voluntary Disclosure Programme (VDP) applications to SARS for tax relief.

Do you need assistance with your individual tax return?

At Tax DC we help you to meet your individual tax return deadlines with SARS. We submit your tax return to SARS. We help you receive the funds due to you from SARS. For close to a decade, Tax DC has been specialising in assisting individuals with their tax returns and businesses to become and stay compliant with SARS.

Do you need to submit an accurate, on time tax return to SARS?

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