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Tax Relief for business owners.

Perhaps you’ve been struggling to sort out your SARS debt for a while now, with no success? Or maybe you just want to reduce your stress levels with our tax management services?

Whatever your tax need, we have a solution so you can sleep worry-free tonight, knowing that your tax struggles are being taken care of by a group of experts who understand all things tax, and who are working hard to bring you tax relief.

To date, we have achieved a 100% success rate for all our clients; not one has suffered a loss of any kind due to SARS debt. You too can become part of our 100% success rate.

What do you need? 

 Choose from one of the following services, or simply request a free consultation.

Deferral Payment Agreement

Debt (and penalties for non-payment) owed to SARS for unpaid taxes.

Based on your cash flow and unique business needs, we present an affordable instalment amount and negotiate with SARS on your behalf in order to bring tax relief and avoid loss, prosecution or jail time. 

When you owe tax, a settlement amount or monthly payment amount needs to be reached, and this is done through SARS debt negotiations.

We remove the burden from you and conduct SARS debt negotiations on your behalf. 

What do I do if I have outstanding debt and/or returns to SARS?

Be proactive and start to plan and search for solutions in order to repay the money owed to SARS. The problem will not go away by ignoring it or placing it on hold. Do not stop submitting returns even if you know you cannot make payments, it’s a criminal offense not submitting returns.

I cannot repay the money outstanding to SARS, what can I do?

There are repayment mechanisms available to you, understand what they are, what they do and what your options are. Start to engage and use those mechanisms to find a solution that will allow you to become compliant once again.

Can I be held personally liable for my company’s tax debt?

A company or close corporation is a legal entity in its own right, and debts incurred by the entity are its responsibility. As a general rule, the directors and shareholders of a company and the members of a close corporation are not personally liable for the entity’s tax and other debts if the entity turns out to be unable to pay them.

Personal liability for the entity’s debts will be incurred only where there is a piercing of the corporate veil, either at common law or under statute. The Tax Administration Bill, Bill 11 of 2011 (the TAB) contains several provisions in terms of which directors, shareholders and members of companies and close corporations can incur personal liability for its tax debts.

Tax Debt Compromise

An agreement with SARS (if approved by SARS) that allows you to settle the SARS debt at a reduced amount.

We assess your situation and submit a compromise application that reflects an accurate representation of your business so that the overall settlement amount can be reduced. 

What is a SARS compromise?

A compromise application is administered under sections 200-202 of the Tax Administration Act. A compromise, if approved, will allow a taxpayer to settle their tax debt at a reduced amount.

Bridging Finance

Bridging finance is a short term loan for SARS debt emergencies.

We take care of your SARS debt, allowing you the freedom to pay us back in a suitable time frame, giving you room to breathe and recovery time for your business.

High Court Review Applications

If a taxpayer feels that SARS has not followed protocol, the person can apply to the high court for a review. If the high court finds that SARS did not follow the correct processes, it will direct SARS to reconsider the matter at hand.

Tax Debt Compliance can assist you with this by simplifying and submitting the high court review application on your behalf.

What is the process of a High Court Review Application?

Application can be made to the High Court in order to review the administrative steps taken and considered by SARS in order to arrive at their conclusion. When you are not in agreement with these steps and considerations and you are of the opinion that SARS has not applied itself correctly, the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act (PAJA) allows you to present an application to the High Court in order to review these steps and considerations. If the High Court finds that SARS has not applied itself correctly they will direct SARS to reconsider the matter by correctly applying itself and to take into consideration all the relevant information

Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP)

Taxpayers face prosecution when they don’t declare the correct amount on tax returns, or when they fail to declare any amount. Not only do taxpayers face prosecution in this scenario, but they also will need to pay up to 200% for undeclared amounts. SARS offers a program to encourage voluntary disclosure, and thereby avoid penalties.

If the VDP is what you require, we will help you to submit the application in order to save you additional expenses.

What is a Voluntary Disclosure Programme (VDP)?

The Voluntary Disclosure Programme (“VDP”) is administered under sections 225-233 of the Tax Administration Act. The purpose of the VDP is to enhance voluntary compliance in the interest of good management of the tax system and the best use of SARS resources. The VDP aims to encourage taxpayers to come forward on a voluntary basis to regularise their tax affairs with SARS and avoid the imposition of understatement penalties and other administrative penalties.

Tax Due Diligence

Comprehensive business health “check” if your taxes are in order, but you would like to determine what taxes may be applied to your business.

Tax Debt Compliance provides a health check of your business to identify any tax pitfalls that may trip you up at a later stage. It’s a wise course to take to avoid any future nasty surprises.

Tax Clearance Certificate Solutions

A tax clearance certificate is issued by SARS and is valid for one year. It’s important because, without it, you cannot acquire new business, contracts and tenders. In addition, without a valid tax clearance certificate, your clients can actually choose not to pay their outstanding accounts. 

We can assist in the negotiation of a formal payment arrangement with SARS. Once we achieve an arrangement, we can apply for a Tax Clearance Certificate which will allow you to acquire new business and/or contracts and secure payments from your clients.

How do I acquire a Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC)?

A Tax Clearance Certificate can only be acquired once a taxpayer is compliant with SARS, therefore all returns must be submitted and no outstanding monies owed to SARS. Alternatively, if you have tax debt with SARS, you will need to reach a formal payment arrangement with SARS before a Tax Clearance Certificate can be obtained.

Why you may need our services


Companies are responsible to pay VAT on the services they render as a company.

Because employees have to pay tax, companies act as a withholding agent for SARS and therefore withholds the amount of tax and pay it over to SARS on behalf of the employee.


When your business hits a cash flow crisis and you can’t pay VAT or PAYE, we’ll show you how to deal with SARS, or deal with them on your behalf.

SARS Criminal Prosecution

People can face SARS criminal prosecution for failure to pay taxes.

You may not have understood how SARS works, or perhaps you buried your head in the sand too long due to feeling overwhelmed. Whatever the case, it’s not as if you are a criminal…we give you the tools to understand tax compliance in a simple way and give you tax relief by acting on your behalf.

SARS Summons

A legal notification from SARS to inform the taxpayer they are going to take action against them. 

By the time SARS issues a summons, you stand to lose something or everything. SARS can take money from your account without advising you; they can prosecute you as if you were a criminal, and they can take your assets as payment for outstanding SARS debt. With our 100% success rate, no clients that we have worked for have faced any type of loss. We can help you avoid loss, prosecution, or jail time.


What is a SARS Judgement and what do I do?

A judgment is a court order made against a taxpayer and essentially gives SARS the authority to use the legal means available to them in order to collect the outstanding debt i.e. attaching and selling off assets, attaching and ordering debtors to pay any outstanding money over to SARS etc.

Tax Demands

A document from SARS to show how much tax a person or business owes, and by when payment must be made before further steps will be taken by SARS.

Tax Debt Compliance empowers you with knowledge about how to handle a tax demand, or we take over the process on your behalf so that you don’t have to spend time or effort on it.

What do I do when a SARS debt collector phones me?

Answer the phone. Do not ignore the call, the problem will not go away. Engage with the SARS official and explain your situation. Do not commit yourself to any payments and/or deadlines if you know you cannot achieve it.

What is a SARS Final Demand Notice and what do I do?

This is a final demand from SARS to repay the debt and/or submit outstanding returns before further collection steps are taken. It is important to immediately engage on the matter and to use the repayment mechanisms available in order to halt further collection steps. If SARS receives no response from you within the allotted time on the final demand they will continue with their collection steps i.e. attaching money from your bank account.

SARS Liquidation Threat

SARS debt can lead to the liquidation of the company. If the company cannot pay its debts, it’s Directors can be held personally liable for the debt if certain criteria are met.

If you still have turnover, we’ll negotiate a way forward for you with SARS, so that the threat of liquidation is removed.

Why not just liquidate the company?

A director or member does not become liable automatically. However, you will be liable for those debts of the company or close corporation for which you have signed surety, irrespective of whether you are a director or member.

If you have acted fraudulently or grossly negligent (i.e. by not paying your tax debt and/or submitting your tax returns), an application can be brought against you where the company veil will be lifted and you will be personally liable for all the company or close corporation’s debt.

SARS Interest and Penalties

SARS debt accrues interest and penalties with every late payment submitted after a certain date.

We’ll audit your situation, come up with a payment plan, and show you how to handle future tax so as not to pay extra on penalties.

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