We get you out of trouble with SARS when you are in breach of the Employment Tax Incentive (ETI) Act

Businesses or companies who may be in breach of the ETI Act should take action. At TaxDC we assist you to determine the facts regarding the potential ETI Act breach of your business or company.  We work independently from SARS and a qualified master tax practitioner will be assisting your company or business. 

If your company or business were in breach of hte Employment Tax Incentive Act, the entity may be in arrears with SARS. At TaxDC we negotiate affordable re-payment agreements on your behalf with SARS and we manage your non-compliance with SARS for your business or company to become fully compliant. Our processes are fully compliant with the South African law.

Out team of experts at TaxDC negotiates on your behalf with SARS and we stop the SARS clock while your business recovers. We can assist you to keep your TAX clearance certificate through negotiating formal payment arrangements with SARS. This is how we approach the non-compliance of your business with SARS. It’s simple really, we help you get your life back.

Why Choose TaxDC instead of an audit, accounding or law firm near you?

You know we try to get you the best results possible because we have a 100% success rate; as in none of the clients who have put their trust in us, have lost anything by owing tax.

The biggest benefit you get when you allow us to help you, is a feeling of great relief. You are not alone; we are experts and we are on your side. Our business is to fight for what's best for you, because our reputation depends on it.

Our process at TaxDC starts in a free no-obligation consultation with you, where we focus on understanding you, the numbers in your business and your business needs.  This process sets up the next step to provide your business or company with the best solution.


We can tackle your tax burdens from all angles, giving you peace of mind. We've seen it all. No matter how complicated your situation has become, our professional team has the solution for you.

We understand the best way of approaching SARS, and how to get a win-win solution. An affordable option for your business, and a payment plan that SARS is agreeable with.

We are experts at what we do and know exactly how to approach your tax burden problem with SARS.  We keep you updated with all communication to and from SARS.  This allows you to focus on your business while our team of experts at TaxDC manages the tax arears problem with SARS with full communication to your business or company.

What is ETI?

The ETI is an incentive aimed at encouraging employers to hire young work seekers. It was implemented with effect from 1 January 2014.

Employment Tax Incentive (ETI)

When there are or were ghost employees on a payroll of a business or company.

When students were employed as part of a business or company ETI roll out.  According to Public Ruling 367, students can no longer be employed according to the ETI Act.

  1. Contact Tax Debt Compliance (Gerhard Linde Director  012 030 1518 or email Linde@taxdc.co.za
  2. Set up a free of charge no-obligation consultation and planning session
  3. Tax Debt Compliance will prepare and submit the application to the South African Revenue Service (SARS)
  4. Tax Debt Compliance will obtain feedback from SARS and negotiate on behalf of your company with SARS
  5. An agreement for payment terms will be reached with SARS that is feasible for your business or company

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