Testimonial 4


By Web Dev

After trying to resolve a matter for many years with SARS which to this day I still believe I should not have had to pay anything back and having exhausted all my options to finalise this matter on my own with SARS – I had “hit a brick wall”.

SARS finally said I need to complete a letter of compromise which will then be heard at their committee meeting. I completed this extremely lengthy form to the very best of my ability and I believe I am very proficient with doing this. I continued to “hit a brick wall” and profess that SARS makes it impossible for an individual to resolve these issues on their own. After years of frustration and many trips to SARS trying to clear my name, waiting for hours to see many various SARS consultants with absolutely no progress, eventually, I succumb to employing a specialist Tax Lawyer for assistance.​

I employed the services of Gerhard Linde from Tax Debt Compliance to assist me with this issue. Gerhard has been absolutely professional and brilliant with a total understanding of the legal rights of his client and kept on SARS back continuously. Even with Gerhard’s legal and tax knowledge, it still took him from September 2017 until June 2018 to finalise this with SARS, from no lack of trying from his side. Without Gerhard’s assistance I firmly believe I would still not have resolved this issue.

For anyone who has a similar or any problem with SARS all I can say is do not waste any time trying to resolve this on your own and contact Gerhard Linde immediately for assistance.


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