Testimonial 1


By Web Dev

Getting a call from the taxman (or very pragmatic woman in this instance) telling you that you owe millions is no joke. Especially when the financial aspect of your company is entirely managed by an appointee you thought capable, who had been continuously reporting positive cash flow and up to date compliance.

So finding someone to help me was done in a state of panic and complete embarrassment about my own gullibility. I found Gerhard Linde. He was trained by an ex SARS senior official, he had a record of not losing a single case, so I poured my problems onto his table.

Gerhard was calm, matter of fact, outlined best and worst scenarios, gave me a list of chores to do and told me to get on with business, he’d do the rest – and he did.

The outcome was the best that could be achieved. I had cause to visit the team he had been negotiating with at SARS and found that they respected him wholeheartedly as a no nonsense professional. His reflection of a situation was never questionable and so he had held his successful record of negotiation.

I never want to have cause to use Gerhard’s services again, but I would always wholeheartedly recommend him.


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