How Tax Debt Compliance Helped a Customer to Lift A Mountain off his Shoulders and Settle a Tax Debt Matter

What was your concern before you discovered Tax Debt Compliance?

I was a business owner in the IT industry. I trusted my accountant who confirmed that all submissions to SARS was made and payments were upped. When I asked them questions, they confirmed that everything was up to date. After 4 years I discovered that none of the PAYE, Tax or VAT submissions was made or paid to SARS. I moved to a new accountant immediately and after re-capturing all transactions and re-do all the accounting work of 4 years, I found out that I had R2,7 mil debt with SARS. This included penalties.

I carried a huge burden on my shoulders. I had no idea how I could solve this. I definitely didn’t have the money to solve it.

I was referred to Tax Debt Compliance through an auditor and I met with Gerhard. He shared outcomes of large and small businesses and of how he assisted them to get their SARS affairs up to date. Gerhard shared the options with me of how he could assist me in negotiating on my behalf with SARS.
I was informed every step of the way and it felt like I was no longer kept in the dark.

Following negotiations done by Tax Debt Compliance with SARS, I paid R270,000 and the matter was settled.

It felt like a mountain was lifted from my shoulders. Finally my Tax, VAT, and PAYE was up to date with SARS.

If you have outstanding tax debt with SARS, I would highly recommend working with Tax Debt Compliance.

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