Feedback from one of our customers, a farmer who had a great year and then a very difficult year. How did working with Tax Debt Compliance allow him and his family a second lease on life.

What was your concern before you discovered Tax Debt Compliance?

The expenses I had on my farm. Due to COVID and lockdown in March 2020 various businesses were closed and their books were closed off later than normal. This lead to a backlog in understanding outstanding expenses to our suppliers for my farm. I fell behind with my accounts and books.

In Dec 2020 I received a note from SARS that I owed R687,000 and I had penalties of R100,000 due to late submission of my tax. I could not pay this. My expenses was in the previous book year and my income for the following year was low.

My accountant said I would have to pay SARS the full amount. My accountant said there was no negotiating with SARS.

I paid R100,000 to SARS.

How did you find and start to work with Tax Debt Compliance:
I heard about Tax Debt Compliance from a family member who previously were advised by Gerhard.

I contacted Tax Debt Compliance and Gerhard set up a 1:1 meeting for us. I decided to work with Tax Debt Compliance.

I was kept informed throughout the process. And this made me feel at ease, as I constantly knew what was happening.

Tax Debt Compliance negotiated on my behalf with SARS. With penalties I owed SARS R786 K my penalties alone was R180 K. As final negotiation with SARS I paid R200 K and in R300 K was written off by SARS. I sold my farm. The negotiation and final settlement helped me to survive and hire land, and buy cattle. It helped me to prepare for the next year’s tax payments to SARS. I could reposition myself to stay self sustaining in the economy and still make a contribution.

I have a business in the chemical industry and could also continue with that. That business sustains 20 families.

Who would you recommend to work with Tax Debt Compliance:
Farmers often have a good financial year followed by a bad financial year. This creates huge problems with SARS as they are not able to make the payment of the previous financial year expenses with the poor financial year that they then find themselves in. If you are a farmer and can’t pay SARS. Work with Tax Debt Compliance to help you stay on your feet.

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