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We help sustain businesses in South Africa by bridging the divide between the legal requirement of SARS and the requirements of business owners, who both have a shared vision to build our economy and alleviate poverty

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Gerhard Linde


Director of Tax Debt Compliance, Gerhard Linde, specializes in tax debt negotiations and holds a BCom Accounting, Hon Taxation and MCom Taxation at the University of Pretoria. With vast working experience in tax disputes since 2014, he has successfully assisted multiple clients with favorable results allowing them to continue with their businesses as usual.

Gerhard is a firm believer in making a significant difference in any situation he is a part of. He has a heart for people and their businesses, and therefore honourably fights for all his clients because he would like to see them succeed and give them the opportunity to continue with their lives and business with optimum results.

BCom Accounting, Hon Taxation, and MCom Taxation

Lezaan Kok
Senior Accountant
Marisa Myburgh
Senior Accountant
Tanya Chowles

Personal Assistance and Admin

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